In Precarious Pavilions #2 — The New Local De Raeve and Bauwens will research the interrelation between local concerns and global processes. How can these two spheres not be mere opposites, but rather co-create daily life.
This pavilion will be occupying a central square in Brussels: Place de la Monnaie. This square, distinct of an interesting identity, is considered here as a model for the square of the 21stcentury: practical, grey, empty and event-oriented. This square will be colored by a series of debates, lectures, workshops, performances and films addressing issues of nature, technology, and demography, taking both local and global perspectives into account. De Raeve and Bauwens envision an architectural structure that adds on to an existing pavilion on the square which is never used, and they turn it into a laboratory for rethinking the local.

Precarious Pavilions — The New Local is the second pavilion in a line of four. Each pavilion is being presented in a different city, season and created by a different artist(collective).

Created by Wouter De Raeve and Lietje Bauwens
Curated by Michiel Vandevelde

Production: Disagree. vzw
Coproduction:Kaaitheater, Constant vzw, Imal
With the support of:The Flemish Government, VGC